About Us

In 2004, I established Kianga, Inc., manufacturer of the Ups-A-Daisy planter insert with the help of my husband Jeff.  Kianga specializes in gardening accessories for the home gardener. We received a product patent for Ups-A-Daisy in September 2006 and are in the process of developing additional devices to aide gardeners.

The Story Behind the Company Name

Kianga (Kee-ahn-jah) is a Swahili word meaning "sunshine after rain." While growing up, my sister Susie and I were standing on opposite sides of the same street. Oddly, it was sunny on my side, but raining on Susie's. From that day on, we nicknamed each other Sunshine and Rain.

Sadly, my sister Susie died of heart disease at the age of 38, shortly before the launch of Ups-A-Daisy. I chose Kianga as the company name in memory of Susie, who had a tremendous impact on her family and everyone she encountered. Susie is also remembered through Daisy - Kianga's lady icon. Susie's favorite "cheap sunglasses" are shown hanging from Daisy's pants. 

Kristy Maniscalco

I am the majority owner of Kianga and the creator of the Ups-A-Daisy planter insert concept. I have always been a passionate gardener. I especially enjoy quiet time and a sense of accomplishment I receive from working in the garden. I'm constantly changing my gardens, trying new ideas that are fun and unusual. After years of using everything from milk jugs to packing peanuts as filler for my planters, I decided it was time to find another solution, and Ups-A-Daisy was born.

Happy gardening!