3) Now you are ready to place rocks (and aquatic plants if you wish) on top of the Ups-A-Daisy.

We recommend rinsing the rocks prior to placing into the container to keep the water clean. 

Creative Uses

4) Fill the top container with water and enjoy! ​

Water Garden Assembly:

1) Place an Ups-A-Daisy into each container.

Place the smaller container on top of the larger container. Place the pump at the bottom of the top container.

Note: An additional Ups-A-Daisy was needed to raise the pump off the bottom

​2) Position the Ups-A-Daisy over the pump in the container

and feed the stem of the pump through the center hole.  Run the electrical cord through the other large hole of the Ups-A-Daisy. 

1) Self-Watering Made-Easy

Click here for step-by-step printable instructions 

2) Build a Water Garden Fountain - Instructions below

Not only is Ups-A-Daisy a great tool for indoor and outdoor container gardening, it also forms a perfect set up for a water garden fountain.  Using the following steps to create an Ups-A-Daisy water garden will spice up any indoor or outdoor display.

Supplies Needed:

  1. Two* Ups-A-Daisy’s (sizes will vary) – Measure the inside width (across) of the containers to the nearest inch for the appropriate size.  The Ups-A-Daisy’s should fit about half-way down into the containers.

  2. Two Containers (Note: The smaller container should not have any drain holes at the bottom).

  3. One Small Pond Pump (a minimum of 100-gph).

  4. Decorative Stones

  5. Potting Soil

  6. A variety of your favorite container plants

* Larger containers may require an additional Ups-A-Daisy to raise the pond pump off the bottom