Q:           How far should the Ups-A-Daisy insert go down into my container?

A:            You want the proper depth for the type of plants you are using.  Annual plant varieties have a short root base and most require only 6" to 8" of soil. For those plants that have a deeper root base, such as some perrenial plant varieties, you need to give them more soil. Consult your local garden centers for further assistance.

Q:           Will my plants require more frequent watering?

A:            No more than they did when you filled the container full with soil or the junk you found in your garage!  We find that even though the Ups-A-Daisy inserts have drainage holes; a layer of water will be held above the insert, called the "Sponge Effect", giving your plant roots access to water that would had settled in the bottom.

Q:           Will my container be too top-heavy?

A:            When using taller plants, and especially in a windy location, you may want to place your Ups-A-Daisy insert lower in the container or place a heavy item, such as a brick or stones in the bottom of the container to prevent the container from tipping over.

Q:           Can the Ups-A-Daisy be used for other applications?

A:            Absolutely!  You can create a Container Water Garden Click Here to See!; they can be used indoors to re-pot your tropical plants or to act as a ledge in your favorite container to set your plants on. They’re also being used by crafters to create floral arrangements.
You can also easily set-up a Self-Watering System using Ups-A-Daisy inserts. Click here for step-by-step printable instructions!
If you come up with other clever uses for the Ups-A-Daisy, please send us an e-mail and we’ll add it to our list!

Q:           Does the Ups-A-Daisy help to prevent root-rot?

A:            It sure does. The biggest killer of plants is over-watering and a lack of proper drainage.  The Ups-A-Daisy insert provides excellent drainage.

Q:           Will the soil fall through the larger holes?

A:            You will get some loss of soil when you first fill your container. However, it’s only a tiny amount. If you'd prefer, you can place a piece of newspaper or paper towel over the holes.

Q:           How long can I expect my Ups-A-Daisy to last?

A:            The Ups-A-Daisy planter inserts are made from the same quality materials as your plastic containers. They’re light weight, sturdy, and re-usable. They should last for years!

Q:           What are my shipping costs?

A:            You can view an estimate of shipping costs by reviewing your cart; final shipping costs will be displayed on your invoice.