Step 1

Select a round or square tapered container.

Step 5

Your container is now ready to plant. 

Step 3

Place the Ups-A-Daisy insert into the container, label side up.

NOTE : Very little soil will fall through the larger holes. If you would like, you can put a sheet of newspaper or a flattened coffee filter over the holes.

Step 2

Measure about half-way down into your container for most plant varieties; slightly deeper for tall or deep rooted plants. At that depth, measure across the container; this will be the insert size you will need.

NOTE 1: The round inserts available are between 10" thru 18" in 1" increments. The square inserts available are between 11" thru 15" in 1" increments. 

NOTE 2: Make sure top of pot opening is large enough for insert to pass through.

Step 4

Fill the container with potting soil to one inch below the rim. 

How to Use