"This is the best invention since sliced bread! Compared in a pot without one, the plants were bigger & growth was more vigorous. The blooms were bigger & more of them. All this without using as much soil & fertilizer as similar containers. I was so impressed, I am buying more."

Bob Cameron

Moncton, NB(New Brunswick) Canada

"I found the Ups-A-Daisy® to be an excellent and easy to use product. I used less potting soil and my pot was much lighter to handle. I found that my Blood Lily had a bigger bloom than usual and the bloom lasted much longer. I don't have to worry about root rot. I have about 2,000 potted plants and would like to have one for all of my plants. I highly recommend this product."

Sandy Autorino
Deland, FL

"The Ups-A-Daisy® is a great idea. I am disabled and it makes moving my large plants a breeze. I will continue to use them and highly recommend to my fellow gardeners."

Shelia Coggin
Petersburg, VA


"Ups-A-Daisy® is an easy product to use and cuts the cost of potting soil and water with excellent production. I made two identical planters, one with Ups-A-Daisy® & one without. The one with the Ups-A-Daisy® grew larger trailing petunias & longer bloom time. I never would have guessed these results."

Michelle Bongiovanni
Loganville, GA

"This is the coolest thing! This saves so much soil while allowing me to have what looks like a huge planter full of flowers. I love this product & will tell my gardening friends about it, you can be sure!"

Felecia Jensen
Phoenix, AZ

"A great concept for saving potting soil in heavy pots. I have been using foam peanuts in the bottom of my pots but they are a mess to clean up after use & hard to dispose of."

Linda Vinson
Calendonia, MN

"This product is incredible. Its ease of use was great. I did not have to use as much soil & the pot was much lighter making it easier for me to handle. My plant seemed to be healthier, also because of the design, it gets oxygen to the roots. I would recommend this to anyone who uses containers. They are wonderful."

Patricia Montgomery

Dayton, TN

"I love this product! I transplanted my Christmas cactus & was very nervous about doing so, as it is very finicky & my favorite plant, so this was a huge test! My pot was only 1/2 as heavy as it would be had I put it in the pot full of dirt, great especially for big plants. My Christmas cactus is thriving wonderfully. Excellent product!"

JoAnne Arsenault

Beaumont AB(Alberta) Canada

"This is the only container still blooming from the hot humid spell we are having & I water all pots the same. It was nice using less soil & have a movable container."

Germaine Helms
Shadyside, OH

"Definitely recommend this. I had a sickly perennial. I put it in a pot with the Ups-A-Daisy® insert & within a week it bloomed. Less likely to get root rot from over rain fall or over watering."

Joyce Tyreman
Lethbridge, AB(Alberta) Canada 

See why Ups-A-Daisy® inserts are one of Shirley Bovshow's "Favorite Things for the Garden" in her exclusive

Garden World Report.

"Excellent product all around. My friends are jealous because my plant is growing better, blooming more, doesn't grow out of the pot quick. They are all asking...where can we get one?"

Candace Street

Rutherfordton, NC

"This product is great! It is simple & yet innovative. I've tried using mulch, rocks, even soda cans to fill the unused space in a large container and this by far has worked the best. Thanks Ups-A-Daisy®."

Cindy Andreasen
Peoria, IL

"Ups-A-Daisy® is an awesome product. I used it in one of my bigger pots and was able to pick it up on my own because I didn't need as much soil to weigh it down. Thanks for such a wonderful product."

Lisa Alfano
St. Peters, MO